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 Fall League 

TGSF offers an Open Fall Softball League.  If there are enough teams to split into rec. and competitive, we will do that.  Splitting would require a minimum of 4 teams in each division.  Entry is by team only.

Season consists of 12 games.  Games will be double headers one night per week.  In the event of an odd number of teams in your age group, a second night will be necessary a few times during the season.  Games will be played on Tuesday or Thursday. 
All games are played at Savage Park. 

September 8-October 16
7/8-Under, 9/10-Under, 11/12-Under, 13/14 Under
7/8Under division will be 2 innings girl pitch-remaining innings coach pitch.
$75.00 per team

umpire costs: $54 for 9-18Under (2 umpires)
$25 for 7/8Under (1 umpire)
You pay when you are home team, should be 6 home games. 

All teams must be USSSA registered and have insurance.   You will need to register for 2015 season which began August 1st.  Contact Lynn @ 437-5072  for information regarding registration/insurance.

We do not keep standings or award trophies. This is just a chance to have fun, learn new skills and play more softball.

Register online at www.usssa.com.  Entry must be received no later than August 25, 2014


 Bat Rules, effective 1-1-2014 

New USSSA bat rule goes into effect 1-1-2014!  Click here for details.

 Tournament News! 

Tournament Insurance:  TGSF will purchase tournament insurance for all TGSF tournaments.  This insurance will cover the team for play in the tournament entered.  It does not cover anything outside of that tournament.  This will remove the requirement to show proof of insurance at check-in.

16/18U Open Roster:  All TGSF 16/18U Open tournaments will have an "Open Roster".  This means that there is no pick-up limit; the players listed on the roster you turn in will constitute your team for that weekend.  These tournaments will be run as qualifiers and points awarded, however, any team utilizing this option will not "automatically qualify" for World Series play.  You will still receive credit for playing a USSSA event and can qualify by playing the required number of events and the State tournament. 

Tulsa Sports Center

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League Information

The league will begin on April 7, 2014 and end on May 29, 2014. This is a 8 week season and will consist of 12 games per team. Open divisions will be offered in all age groups: 8-10-12-14-16-18. A minimum of 6 teams per division will be required. In the event there are not enough teams in a division to form, each team will be contacted for an alternative choice or divisions will be combined.  We can also split by age or class if there are enough teams.  

TGSF offers a home/away schedule to all teams. Double headers will be scheduled as field usage allows. Special attention will be given to travel considerations during the school year. Any games canceled or rained out may be rescheduled, based on field availability, by contacting the home association.

Teams registered out of TGSF and playing their home games at Savage Park will be provided game balls. The league will be USSSA sanctioned and all participating teams must be USSSA registered with proof of insurance
prior to play starting. TGSF teams will be responsible for paying the umpires at the field prior to the start of each home game. Umpire costs for 2014 will be $27 each for a two umpire game and $33 for a one umpire game. Umpire cost for 8U is $25 for one umpire; $20 each for two umpires.

Online Registration
You can register your team for the Tulsa Competitive League online.  Please sign up online at www.usssa.com just like you would for a tournament.  Entry fees, insurance and roster can be done online also.  You will need to complete the team information form (see below) and show proof of insurance if you do not have USSSA insurance.

Signup Forms

General League Information
Comp League Meeting Presentation
Comp League Meeting PDF

Team Information

League Forms

Game Changes
Field Locations
Practice Policy

Background Checks

All head coaches (TGSF teams only) must complete an online background check. All coaches (head coaches, assistants, etc.) must fill out/turn in a background check form. The cost to you for the online check is $12.95 and must be completed annually.

To complete your online background check, click here.

NYSCA Certification

At least one coach (TGSF teams only) must be NYSCA certified. We recommend that two coaches from each team certify. For information about NYSCA certification, click here. If you are new to NYSCA, click here for online clinic instructions.

To access the NYSCA online clinic, click here.

Competitive League Meeting

Online Presentation (for best reading, click to advance slides)
*Will discuss USSSA, registration, league scheduling, league rules, etc. 

Sunday, February 23, 2014 Savage Park 4 p.m.
*All paperwork and fees are due at this meeting. This includes rosters, team info forms, forfeiture fees and league fees! TGSF registered teams also need to bring background check forms on all coaches.

Important Dates and Information

January 12 - Competitive League Presentation will be posted
February 23 - 4pm - all forms, entry fee and forfeiture fee due
April 7 - Competitive Season begins
May 29 - Competitive Season ends
June 9 - Summer Season begins
July 10 - Summer Season ends
September 8 - Fall Season begins
October 16 - Fall Season ends